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Map of Me * MOM * is a mobile youth channel made in India for millions of young people. On the move from school to work or enterprise of your choice, powered by content, MOM is Work + Play. Explore the skills you need to be an entrepreneur where you live. And remember, every so often, to laugh out loud.
Bengaluru. Kolkata. Delhi. Mumbai.

Immerse yourself in your city’s soulful beats, delicious food and wonderful art. And all these things are possible without any harm to the environment. This is your one stop shop for discovering every nook and corner of your city. Unpack all the different flavours and shades that your city has to offer. You never know how this might inspire you to express your talents to the world.


Have you decided what you want to do in life? Still exploring a career path? We are here to help! We bring you first-hand information with the skills that are needed to achieve what you want to become in my life.


Do you have the entrepreneur bug in you? Do you want to solve the city’s biggest problems? It's time to let it out and start a venture that is sustainable and profitable at the same time.

Find an idea
Ideas are all around you. Look for an idea that offers a solution to a problem. The company born out of this will go a long way as you’re addressing a need that hasn’t been tapped into before.
Do your research
“Ideas won’t keep. Something must be done about them.” Research is crucial. Speak to people directly and indirectly affected by the problem you want to solve. Through this section, we will guide you on what is needed for research and how to conduct it.
Learn how to pitch
Once the idea and the supporting research is in place, it is time to get funding and you get just 90 seconds to pitch. A good pitch involves telling a great story that hits an emotional chord.