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26 steps to make a new career plan

Develop Youth Leadership Skills

Must only a person who is officially designated as a leader, such as a boss or CEO or Manager possess leadership skills?

No! You and I and everyone, we all have leadership skills. We just need to recognise that we do. Then we must use them wisely and well. At the heart of youth leadership skills is the skill of courage. It takes courage to speak up, do the right thing, take the first step, be responsible and see things through. These are the actions a leader takes. Doubt cannot be part of teenage leadership skills. She is humble and introspects. A person with youth leadership skills does everything by herself, she is self-sufficient. She waits for no one, is independent, does her research by herself, and swiftly takes action. She is cognisant that change is constant, that CLIMATE CHANGE is a reality that only humans can fix to save the planet, and she listens to everyone. Patiently

What does it mean to have leadership skills?
Having youth leadership skills means to keep your cool when everyone around you might be losing their minds. Take a deep breath, read, listen, research, and take an informed decision. Sometimes, you might have no time to think and will be compelled to dive head first into taking a decision or action. This is when your teenage leadership skills kick in and you must stick by your decision and action, and also take responsibility if that decision or action was wrong. And know that at the heart of teenage leadership skills and being a leader is being able to constantly change or modify your plans because nothing remains the same. Those who are unwilling to change, lag behind. Those who take change in their stride and adapt to it quickly and easily, move forward. And then take responsibility for their decisions. Making learning teenage leadership skills should be a priority.

Map of Me knows and has met many entrepreneurs who, with their set of youth leadership skills, started their ventures to solve problems for many people.